We all know eating enough protein is crucial for seeing results!  The trouble is, it's hard to eat multiple servings of complete protein sources every day.  That's where Element comes in.  This slow digesting protein will give you the protein your body needs, and mixes up in a matter of seconds with just water!  No holding your nose and chugging a nasty shake ... Element comes in 4 mouth watering flavors that will have you excited to drink a protein shake!

Slow Digesting Protein

Regardless of your goal, a high quality, sustained release protein supplement is a key element in your plan.  With that in mind, we formulated Element to be a premium protein blend made from the highest quality protein sources.

Element contains a combination of fast-delivery and slow-delivery proteins,  precisely blended to mimic the digestion rate of a whole food meal to keep your body fed for several hours. That makes it the perfect meal replacement throughout the day or before bed!

Each of the proteins have been low temperature processed and cross flow microfiltered to preserve their bioavailability and to increase the utilization of the protein fractions. This results in a product that is easy for you to digest, without the negative issues that usually come with a protein that is processed with high heats.